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What if Eastern spiritual practices, honed over thousands of years, were combined with deep awareness of the stages of human growth and development discovered within the past hundred years by Western developmental psychologists?

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The possibilities inherent in such a fusion are astounding. The books featured here explore these possibilities, give insights and practices to help us get there, and offer a stunning vision of what we might expect the world, and our lives, to look like should they come to fruition. The combination brings to light the hidden internal maps that lead to personal and planetary disaster, makes them conscious and objective, and instructs us in how we can uproot and replace them. The experiences of meditators can now be measured and verified.

In demonstrating that while their beliefs may differ, what happens in the neurological systems of adepts during contemplation is similar—so science supports the unity at the heart of the great spiritual traditions.

Shinzen also describes his antimeditative childhood, how hashish followed by a chewy chocolate brownie once brought him to a state of samadhi and oneness, and how the horrific death of a beloved mentor transformed him from an armchair academic to a committed monastic. Such an achievement, he affirms, though not yet within reach, holds promise that enlightenment could go viral and dramatically change the course of human history for the better.

Humanistic psychologist and nonduality expert Richard Sylvester suggests that there is: we can just forget the struggle and relax.

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Read More. I am sure it will benefit a great many people, and lead us to living fuller and more loving lives. Ultra-clear explanations of how we hold polarities in our awareness fields.

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This work is a succinct, step-by-step guide to processing difficult life situations and releasing the grips they hold on us. Classes taught by Leslie and Brad and working specifically with The Marriage of Spirit book have been profoundly transformational.


Verified by Psychology Today. Therapy is a place where we learn to be uncomfortable with ourselves, so we can, ultimately, become more comfortable with who we are and our place in the world.

The Marriage Institution

Most of us are familiar with the old saw about partnering with your parent, but that's not the whole story. The winter holiday experience for many of us can feel much like George Bailey in the throes of a life without himself. Healthy enabling is, in fact, part of any sound interpersonal relationship. What's the meaning behind not being present? Backing away from the helicopter parent dynamic and giving kids the gift of failure can help build healthy self-esteem and a sense of personal value they otherwise don't develop. When looking for the negative becomes married to poor self-perception or negative self-talk, it creates a cascade of emotions, dragging us down a rabbit hole of our own making.

Conscious relationship is not something we engage in by default. More often than not, we fall into—and accept—relationships of convenience. Recognizing a toxic relationship can sometimes prove to be a bit elusive. That is in large measure because of what we bring to the table in terms of our own inner narrative.

The Marriage of Spirit Enlightened Living in Today's World

So, what happens when our social assumptions and expectations are misplaced? More to the point, what happens when we figure that out? We discover things aren't quite as they seem. One of the hall marks of emotional intelligence is responding, rather than reacting.

An even more subtle and nuanced aspect of emotional intelligence is reflecting. When talking about creating change, empowerment quite literally means doing something—specifically doing something differently. We work hard at our relationships, and, in of service them, we often overlook, or even neglect, our most important one—our relationship to ourselves. The need for acceptance is fairly high on our list of social priorities. What's more important is how others see us, or how they receive us, and what they do with that.

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Our sense of empowerment is a reflection of increased personal value and self-worth. When self-medication winds its way into compulsive dependence, we disappear behind a veil that leaves us in a sort of social and emotional suspended animation and, when we reemerge, we find we are right where we started. One of the more insidious forms of mental abuse has come to be referred to as gas-lighting.

If we look closely, what we find nested inside our comfort zone is a little rabbit hole—our complacency zone.

The Marriage of Spirit : Enlightened Living in Today's World by Leslie Temple-Thurston

PTSD is triggered in response to either experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, particularly if that event is life threatening. From a clinical perspective, depression is typically categorized as psychological, situational or some combination of the two. What we often overlook is the spiritual aspect of depression, which is not clinical, but existential. The business side of private practice is something that eludes many, if not most, mental health professionals.