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Man in the Moone - Francis Godwin - Fantasy Fiction - Soundbook - English

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The Man in the Moone

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  • Similar Items. Francis Godwin Find more information about: Francis Godwin. I promised an History, and am unawares turned Disputer. One Accident more befell me worth mentioning, that during my Stay I saw a kind of a reddish Cloud coming toward me, and continually approaching nearer, which at last I perceived was nothing but a huge Swarm of Locusts.

    He that reads the Discourses of learned Men concerning them, as John Leo of Africa , and others who relate that they are seen in the Air several Days before they fall on the Earth, and adds thereto this Experience of mine, will easily conclude, that they can come from no other Place than the Globe of the Moon. But now give me leave to go on quietly in my Journey for eleven or twelve Days, during all which Time I was carried directly toward the Globe or Body of the Moon, with such a violent Whirling as is inexpressible, for I cannot imagine a Bullet out of a Cannon could make Way through the vaporous and muddy Air near the Earth with half that Celerity; which is the more strange, since my Gansas moved their Wings but now and then, and sometimes for a quarter of an Hour not at all, only holding them stretched out, as we see Kites, and Eagles sometimes do for a short Space, during which Pauses, I suppose they took their Naps, and Times of Sleeping, for other Times I could perceive they never had any; for myself I was so fastened to mine Engine, that I durst slumber enough to serve my Turn, which I took with as great Ease, as if I had lain on the best Down-bed in Spain.

    After eleven Days Passage in this violent Flight, I perceived we began to approach to another Earth if I may so call it being the Globe or very Body of that Star which we call the Moon. The first Difference I found between this and our Earth was, that it appeared in its natural Colours, as soon as ever I was free from the Attraction of the Earth; whereas with us, a Thing a League or two from us, puts on that deadly Colour of Blue. How much this disagrees with what our Philosophers teach in the Schools is evident: But alas, how many of their Errors hath Time and Experience in this our Age, and among other vain Conjectures, who hath not hitherto believed the upper Region of the Air to be very hot; as being next, forsooth, to the natural Place of the Element of Fire; meer Vanities, Fancies and Dreams: For after I was once free from the attractive Beams of that tyrannous Load-stone the Earth, I found the Air altogether serene, without Winds, Rain, Mists or Clouds, neither hot nor cold, but constantly pleasant, calm and comfortable, till my Arrival in that New World of the Moon as for that Region of Fire, our Philosophers talk of, I heard no News of it, mine Eyes have sufficiently informed me there is no such Thing.

    The Earth had now by turning about shewed me all her Parts twelve Times, when I finished my Course; for when my Reckoning it seemed to be as indeed it was Tuesday, September 11, at which Time the Moon being two Days old was in the twentieth Degree of Libra my Gansas seemed by one Consent to stay their Course, and rested for certain Hours, after which they took their Flight, and in less than an Hour set me on the Top of an high Hill in that Other World , where many wonderful Things were presented to my Sight. For I observed first, that though the Globe of the Earth appeared much greater there than the Moon doth to us, even three Times bigger, yet all Things there were ten, twenty, yea thirty Times larger than ours; their Trees were thrice as high, and above five Times, broader and thicker; so were their Herbs, Birds, and Beasts, though I cannot well compare them to ours, because I found not any kind of Beast or Bird there which any way resembled ours, except Swallows, Nightingales, Cuckoos, Woodcocks, Batts, and some kind of Wild Fowl: And likewise such Birds as my Gansas , all which, as I now perceived, spend their Time in their Absence from us, in that World, neither do they differ in any Thing from ours, but are the very same kind.

    While I stood musing at this strange Metamorphosis, on a sudden I heard my Gansas fluttering behind me, and looking back, I spied them falling greedily upon a Shrub within the Reach of their Lines, whose Leaves they fed earnestly upon, whereas before I had never seen them eat any green Thing whatever; so stepping to the Shrub; I put a Leaf to my Mouth; the Taste was so excellent; that I cannot express it, and if I had not with Discretion moderated my Appetite, I should have forfeited thereon; yet it happened, to be a good Bait both for me and my Birds, when we had most Need of Refreshment.

    Scarce had we ended our Banquet, when I saw myself surrounded with a strange kind of People both in Feature, Manners, and Apparel; their Stature was very different, but they Were generally twice as high as ours; their Shape and Countenance pleasant, and their Habit hardly to be described; for I never saw either Cloth, Silk, nor other Stuff, like that whereof their Cloths were made; neither can I possibly relate their Colour, they being in a manner all cloathed alike; it was neither Black, White, Yellow, Red nor Blue, nor any Colour composed of these: If you ask what was it then?

    I must tell you, it was a Colour never seen in our earthly World, and so neither to be described nor conceived by us; for as it is hard to make a Man born blind understand the Difference between Green and Blue, so neither can I decypher this Moon-colour, as having no Affinity with any I ever beheld; I can only say it was the most glorious and delightful that can be imagined, neither was any Thing more pleasant to me during my Stay there. The first Ancestor of this great Monarch came out of the Earth, as they relate, and by marrying the Heiress of that vast Monarchy obtaining the Government, left it to his Posterity, who have enjoyed it ever since, even forty thousand Moons, which is Years: His Name was Irdonozur , whose Heirs to this Day assume the same Name; he, they say, having continued there about four hundred Moons, and begot divers Children, returned though by what Means they know not to the Earth again.

    I doubt they have their Fables as well as we, since our Historians never mention any earthly Man to have been in that World before myself, and much less to have returned again. I cannot therefore but condemn this Tradition as false and romantick, though I found Learning was in great Esteem among them, and they seem to detest Lying and Falshood, which is there severely punished, and which may yield some Credit to their historical Narrations.

    Many of them live wonderful long, even beyond Belief, affirming to me, that some survived thirty thousand Moons, which is above a thousand Years, so that the Ages of three or four Men might easily reach to the Time of the first Irdonozur , and this is generally noted, that the taller People are of Stature, the more excellent are their Endowments of Mind, and the longer Time they live; for their Stature is very different, great Numbers not much exceeding ours, who seldom live above a thousand Moons, which is fourscore of our Years; these they account base, unworthy Creatures, but one Degree above brute Beasts, and employ in mean and servile Offices, calling them Bastards, Counterfeits or Changlings: Those whom they account true Natural Lunars or Moon Men , exceed ours generally thirty Times, both in Quantity of Body, and Length of Life, proportionable to the Quality of the Day in both Worlds, theirs containing almost thirty of our Days.

    In two hours Time as I could guess by the Help of these Fans, we were carried through the Air those five Leagues, in all about sixty Persons. Being arrived at the Palace of Pylonas , after our Conductor had declared what manner of Present he had brought, I was called in to him by his Attendants: By the Stateliness of his Palace, and the Reverence done him, I soon perceived his Greatness, and managed my Affairs in order to procure his favour accordingly; and having, as you may remember, a certain little Box or Casket of Jewels, the Remainder of those I brought from the East-Indies , before I was introduced I secretly took them out of my Pocket, and chusing some of each sort, I made them ready to be presented as I should think convenient.


    I found him sitting in a magnificent Chair of State, with his Wife or Queen on one Hand, and his Eldest Son on the other, one attended by a Troop of Ladies, and the other of young Men, and all along the Side of the Room stood a great Number of handsome Personages, whereof scarce one was lower of Stature than Pylonas , whose Age they report is now one and twenty thousand Moons. Then I offered the Queen and Prince some others, and designed to have bestowed divers more upon his Attendants; but Pylonas forbid them to accept any, supposing, as I heard, they were all I had, which he would have me reserve for Irdonozur his Sovereign: He then embraced me with much Endearedness, and enquired divers Things by Signs, which I answered in the same manner to the best of my Skill; which not contenting him, he delivered me to the Guard of of his Giants as I may well call them, strictly charging them, that I should want nothing fit for me; that they should suffer none of the Dwarf Lunars , or little Moon Men , to come near me.

    That I should be instructed in their Language, and lastly, that they should by no Means impart to me the Knowledge of several Things by him specified, what they were I could never understand. It may be you long to know what Pylonas enquired of me: Why, what should it be but, whence I came, how I arrived there what was my Name and Business, with the like; to all which I answered as near the Truth as possible. I found the Light, though the Sun was absent, equal to that with us in the Day when the Sun is clouded; but toward the Quarter it daily diminisheth, yet leaving still a competent Light, which seems very strange; though not so remarkable as what they there report, that in the other Hemisphere of the Moon, contrary to that I fell upon, where during half the Moon they see not the Sun, and the Earth never appears to them, they have yet a kind of Light, not unlike our Moon-Light, which it, seems the Nearness of the Stars, and other Planets that are at a far less Distance than from us, affords them.

    You must understand, that of the true Lunars or Moon Men there are three Kinds, some a little taller than we, as perhaps ten or twelve foot high, these can endure the Day of the Moon, when the Earth shines but little, but not the Beams of both, and so then must be laid asleep: Others are twenty foot high or above, who can suffer all the Light both of the Earth and Sun.

    See a Problem?

    It was then about the Middle of September , when I perceived the Air more clear than ordinary, and with the Increase of the Light I began to feel myself first dull and then heavy to Sleep, though I had not been lately disturbed of my Rest: At length I delivered myself into the Custody of this Sister of Death, whose Prisoner I was for almost a fortnight after, and then awaking, it is not to be believed how brisk and vigorous I found the faculties both of my Body and Mind; I then applied myself to learning the Language, which is the same throughout all the Regions of the Moon, yet not so wonderful, since I believe all the Earth of the Moon does not amount to the fortieth Part of our inhabited Earth, partly because the Globe of the Moon is far less, and besides the Sea or Ocean covers very nigh three Parts of four, whereas, the Land and Sea in our World may be judged of an equal Measure.

    After seven Months Time the great Irdonozur , making his Progress to a Place about two hundred Leagues from the Palace of Pylonas , sent for me, yet would not admit me into his Presence, but discoursed me through a Window, where I might hear him, and he hear and see me at Pleasure. I presented him the Remainder of my Jewels, which he thankfully accepted, saying, he would requite them with Gifts of a far more considerable Value. I stayed there above a Quarter of a Moon, when I was again sent back to Pylonas , for if we had stayed a Day or two longer the Sun would have overtaken us before we could have recovered our Home.

    The Gifts he bestowed on me were such, that a Man would part with Mountains of Gold to purchase; they were all Stones, nine only in Number, of three Sorts, one called Poleastis , another Machrus , and the third Ebelus , of each Sort three; the first are about the Bigness of an Hazle-nut, very like Jet, which among many other incredible Virtues hath this Property, that being once put in the fire they ever after retain their Heat, though without any outward Appearance, till quenched with some kind of Liquor, which no way endamages them, though heated and cooled therein a thousand Times; their Heat is so vehement, that it will make any Metal within a foot of it red hot, and being in a Chimney warms the Room as if a great fire were kindled therein.

    The Machrus is yet more precious, in Colour like a Topaz , so clear and resplendent, as though not above the Bigness of a Bean, yet being placed in the Night in the midst of a large Church, it makes all as light as if an hundred Lamps were hanged round; can any Man wish for more useful Properties in a Stone than these? Yet my Ebelus is so excellent, that it may be much preferred before them, yea prized above all the Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds that our World can afford.

    Before you see me on Earth again, you will find I have Reason to value this invaluable Jewel. I enquired, whether they had not any kind of Jem, or other Means to make a Man invisible, which I judged a Thing of admirable Use, and could mention divers of our learned Men who had written to this Purpose; they answered, that if it were possible, yet they were sure Heaven would not suffer it to be revealed to us Creatures subject to so many Imperfections, and which might be easily abused to ill Purposes, and this was all I could get of them.

    Now after it was known that Irdonozur the great Monarch had done me this Honour, it is strange how much all respected me more than before; my Guardians, who had been hitherto cautious in relating any thing of the Government of that World, grew now more open, so that from them and Pylonas together I understood many notable Particulars; as that in a thousand Years there is found neither Thief nor Whore-monger, for first there is no want of any thing necessary for the Use of Man, food growing every where without Labour, of all Sorts that can be desired.

    But the chief Cause of their good Government is an excellent Disposition in the Nature of the People, so that all both Old and Young hate all manner of Vice, and live in such Love, Peace, and Amity, as it seems to be another Paradise: Though it is true likewise that some are of a better Disposition than others, which they discern immediately at their Birth; and because it is an inviolable Law amongst them that none shall be put to Death; therefore perceiving by their Stature or some other Signs, who are like to be of a wicked and debauched Humour, they send them, I know not by what Means, into the Earth, and change them for other Children, before they have either Opportunity or Ability to do amiss among them; but first, they say, they are fain to keep them there for some Time, till the Air of the Earth alters their Colour like ours.

    Their ordinary Vent for them is a certain high Hill in the North of America , whose People, I am apt to believe, are wholly descended from them, both in regard of their Colour, and their continual use of Tobacco, which the Lunars or Moon Men smoak exceedingly, the Place abounding much with Moisture, together with the Pleasure they take therein, and some other Respects too long to rehearse: Sometimes, though but seldom, they mistake their Aim, and fall upon Europe , Asia , or Africa. I remember some Years since I read certain Stories tending to confirm what is related by these Lunars , and especially one Chapter of Neubrigensis.

    Inigo Mondejar , in his Description of Nova Granata. If you enquire how Justice is executed, alas, what need is there of exemplary Punishment where no Offences are committed, neither need they any Lawyers, for there is no Contention, the Seeds whereof, when they begin to sprout, are by the Wisdom of the next Superior pluckt up by the Roots. And as little Want is there of Physicians, they never surfeit themselves; the Air is always pure and temperate, neither is there any Cause of Sickness, I could never hear of any that were distempered. But the Time assigned them by Nature being spent, they die without the least Pain, or rather cease to live, as a Candle does to give Light when what nourishes it is consumed.

    I did not so much admire his own Constancy, as the Behaviour of his friends: With us in the like Case all seem to mourn, when many of them do oft but laugh in their Sleeves, or under a Vizard. But here all both Young and Old did, in my Conscience, not pretendedly, but really rejoice thereat, and if any dissembled, it was only Grief for their own particular Loss. Being dead their Bodies putrify not, and so are not buried, but kept in certain Rooms appointed to that Purpose, so that most of them can shew their Ancestors Bodies uncorrupt for many Generations: There is never any Rain, Wind, or change of Weather, never either Summer or Winter, but as it were a perpetual Spring, yielding all Pleasure and Content, free from the least Trouble or Annoyance; O my Wife and Children, what Wrong have you done me to bereave me of the Happiness of that Place!

    But it is no great Matter, for by this Voyage I am sufficiently assured, that when the Race of my mortal Life is run, I shall attain a greater Happiness elsewhere. May 12, we came to the Court of the great Irdonozur , and returned back the 17th to the Palace of Pylonas , where I continued till March He dissuaded me, insisting on the Danger of the Voyage, the Misery of that Place from whence I came, and the abundant Happiness I now enjoyed; but the Remembrance of my Wife and Children, outweighed all these Reasons, and to say the Truth, I was so elated with a Desire of the Glory I should purchase at my Return, as methought I deserved not the Name of a Spaniard, if I would not hazard twenty Lives rather than lose the least Particle thereof.

    I replied I had so strong a Desire to see my Children, that I could not possibly live any longer without going to them: He then requested me to stay one Year longer; I told him, I must needs depart now or never, my Birds began to droop for want of their usual Voyage, three were already dead, and if a few more failed, I was destitute of all Possibility of Return. A vast Multitude of People being present, and among them Pylonas himself, after I had given them all the last Farewel, I let loose the Reins to my Birds, who with much Greediness taking Wing, quickly carried me out of Sight; it happened to me as in my first Passage, for I never felt either Hunger or Thirst till I fell upon an high Mountain in China , about five Leagues from the High and Mighty City of Pequin.

    This Voyage was performed in less than nine Days, neither heard I any News of these airy Men I met with in my ascending; nothing stayed me in my Journey, whether because of the earnest Desire of my Birds to return to the Earth, having already missed their Season, or that the Attraction of the Earth was so much stronger than that of the Moon, and so made it easier, yet so it was, though I had three Birds less than before. For the first eight Days my Birds flew before me, and I on the Engine was as it were drawn after; but the ninth Day, when I began to approach the Clouds, I perceived myself and Engine to sink toward the Earth, and go before them.

    I was then horribly afraid, least my Birds unable to bear our Weight, being so few, should be constrained to precipitate both me and themselves headlong to the Earth, and thought it very necessary to make use of my Stone Ebelus , which I clapt to my bare Skin within my Clothes, and instantly I perceived my Birds made way with greater Ease than before, as seeming freed from a great Burthen, neither do I think they could possibly have let me down safely to the Earth without that Help.

    But when I tried to go I found myself so light, that one foot being on the Ground I had much ado to set down the other, which was by reason my Ebelus took all Weight away from my Body, therefore I pretended a Desire of performing the Necessities of Nature; which being made known to them by Signs, for they understood not a Word of any Language I could speak, they permitted me to go aside among a few Bushes, assuring themselves it was impossible I should escape from them; being there, I remembred Pylonas his Directions about the Use of my Stones, and knit them up, with a few remaining Jewels, into an Handkerchief, all except the least and worst Ebelus , which I found Means to apply in such Manner to my Body, that but the half of its Side touched my Skin; this done I drew toward my Guardians, till coming so near that they could not cross my Way, I shewed them a fair Pair of Heels, that I might have Time to hide my Jewels, which I knew they would have robbed me of if not prevented.

    Being thus lightened I led them such a Dance, that had they been all upon the Backs of so many Race-Horses they could never have overtaken me; I directed my Course to a thick Wood, wherein I entered about a Quarter of a League, and there finding a fine Spring, which I took for my Mark, I thrust my Jewels into a Hole made by a Mole hard by.

    I then took my Victuals out of my Pocket, to which till now in all my Voyage I had not the least Appetite, and refreshed myself therewith, till the People who pursued overtook me, into whole Hands I quietly surrendered myself; they led me to an inferior Officer, who understanding that I escaped from those who first apprehended me, caused an Inclosure of Boards to be made, wherein they put me, so that only my Head was at Liberty, and then carried me upon the Shoulders of sour Slaves, like some notorious Malefactor, before a Person of great Authority, who in their Language I learnt, was called a Mandarin , and resided a League off the famous City of Pequin.

    I could not understand them, but found I was accused for something with much Vehemence, the Substance of this Accusation it seems was, that I was a Magician, as appeared by my being so strangely carried in the Air, and that being a Stranger, as both my Language and Habit did declare, I contrary to the Laws of China had entered the Kingdom without a Warrant, and probably for no good Intent.

    The Mandarin heard them with a great deal of Gravity, and being a Man of quick Apprehension, and studious of Novelties, he told them he would take such Order as the Case required, and my bold Attempt should not go unpunished: Having dismist them, he ordered his Servants I should be kept in a remote Pare of his vast Palace, be strictly guarded, and kindly used; this I conjecture by my Treatment, and what followed, for my Accommodation was much better than I could expect, I lodged well, eat well, was well attended, and could complain of nothing but my Restraint; Thus continued I many Months, afflicted more with the Thoughts of my Gansas than any Thing else, who I knew must be irrecoverably lost, as indeed they were.

    Next Day I was ordered to come before him, and being conducted into a noble Dining-room exquisitely painted, the Mandarin commanding all to avoid, vouchsafed to confer with me in the vulgar Language, enquiring into the State of my Country, the Power of my Prince, and the Religion and Manners of the People; wherein having satisfied him, he asked me about my Education, and what brought me into this remote Country; I then declared to him the Adventures of my Life, omitting what I thought convenient, and especially forbearing to mention the Stories given me by Irdonozur.

    The Strangeness of my Story did much amaze him, and finding in all my Discourse nothing tending to Magick, wherein he hoped by my Means to be intruded, he began to admire the Excellency of my Wit, applauding me for the happiest Man that this World ever saw, and wishing me to repose myself after my long Narration, he for that Time dismissed me. After which the Mandarin took so much Delight in me, that no Day passed wherein he did not fend for me: At length he advised me to cloath myself in the Habit of that Country, which I willingly did, and gave me not only the Liberty of his House, but took me also with him when he went to Pequin , whereby I had Opportunity to learn the Disposition of the People, and the Policy of the Country, neither did I by my Attendance on him, gain only the Knowledge of these Things, but the Possibility likewise of being restored to my native Soil, and to those dear Pledges which I value above the World, even my Wise and Children: for by often frequenting Pequin , I at length heard of some fathers of the Society of Jesus , who were become famous for their extraordinary savour with the King, to whom they had presented some European , as Clocks, Watches, Dials, and the like, which by them were counted exquisite Curiosities.

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    There did I relate to father Pontoja and others of the Society the forementioned Adventures, by whose Directions I put them in Writing, and sent this Story of my fortunes to Macoa , from thence to be conveyed to Spain , as a forerunner of my Return; and the Mandarin being indulgent to me, I came often to the Fathers, with whom I consulted about many Secrets, and with them also laid the Foundation of my Return, the blessed Hour whereof I do with Patience expect, that by enriching my Country with the Knowledge of these hidden Mysteries, I may at last reap the Glory of my fortunate Misfortunes.

    Mention being made in the preceding Story of the Pike of Teneriff , it may be some Diversion to insert the following little Journey performed by divers Englishmen a few Years since to the Top, who published the following Account thereof. It cannot be ascended but in July and August , lying all the other Months covered with Snow, though upon this and the near adjacent Islands none is to be seen: It requires three Days travel to come to the top: The Merchants and other worthy Persons who undertook this Journey proceed thus.

    Having furnished ourselves with a Guide, Servants, and Horses to carry our Wine and Provision, we set forth from Oratava , a Port Town in the Island of Teneriff , situate on the North Side, two Mile distant from the main Sea, and travelled from twelve at Night till eight in the Morning, by which Time we got to the Top of the first Mountain toward the Pico de Terraira ; there under a very large and conspicuous Pine Tree we took our Breakfast, dined, and refresht ourselves till two in the Afternoon.

    In the Ascent of one Mile, some of our Company grew very saint and sick, disordered by fluxes, Vomitings, and agueish Distempers, our Horses Hair standing up like Bristles, and calling for some of our Wine carried in small Barrels on an Horse, we found it so wonderfully cold, that we could not drink it till we had made a fire to warm it, notwithstanding the Air was very calm and moderate, but when the Sun was set, it began to blow with such Violence, and grew so cold, that taking up our Lodging among the hollow Rocks, we were necessitated to keep fires in the Mouths of them all Night.

    About four in the Morning we began to mount again, and being come another Mile up, one of our Company failed and was able to proceed no further: Here began the black Rocks ; the rest of us pursued our Journey till we came to the Sugar Loaf , where we began to travel again in a white Sand, being fitted with Shoes, whose single Soles are made a finger broader than the upper Leathers, to encounter this difficult Passage: Having ascended as far the black Rocks , which lay all flat like a plain floor, we climbed within a Mile of the very Top of the Pico , and at last we attained the Summit , where we found no such Smoak as appeared a little below, but a continual Perspiration of a hot and sulphureous Vapour that made our faces extremely sore; all this way we found no considerable Alteration of the Air, and very little Wind, but on the Top it was so impetuous, that we had much ado to stand against it whilst we drank K.

    Charles II.

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