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Teacher Talking Time 05: Soundscripting - a Tool for Better Speaking & Pronunciation

However, too many drills or other, similar activities result in students who switch off their brains. The fail to critically observe, analyze, and practice with the new language. When he then speaks, students know the information is important.

They listen more attentively and work harder to successfully process the information. When students speak more, they have increased opportunities to become familiar with the new material. They can mix previous vocabulary and grammar structures with the target language of the lesson, as well as steer conversations towards their individual interests. For example, if two students fail to understand one another, they must work together to repair the miscomprehension.

This better prepares the class for the real world, where they can't rely on the teacher for help. For example, think back to your life as a student. Which classes did you enjoy the most, ones with a long lecture or ones that allowed active engagement?

5 Great Strategies to Cut Teacher Talking Time

Prompting, providing clues and rephrasing the question are often counterproductive when the student merely needs time to answer. Wait-time is important. It develops the learning dispositions among students that would be appropriate in future academic contexts and shifts students from consumers of education to users and ultimately producers Hearn, To provide them space and opportunity to become producers of education, I create project groups of 4 or 5 students and usually assign a task from their textbook to work on together and present in the class as micro teaching.

They do all the background work, preparation of supplement material and classroom techniques plus manage the class.

This way, the teacher needs to step up only when something gets derailed to help interpret or deconstruct, or if time management seems to be inappropriate. My experience with such initiatives is that students tend to be more courageous and challenge their peers if the material is not presented by their tutor. This ultimately brings more student-student discourse with a lot of agreeing and disagreeing, keeps communication alive and active leading to a common discovery rather than the passive digestion of the material.

This also helps them in negotiating skills and develops their own educational planning, which involves searching for and finding solutions to their everyday problems or queries.

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Finally it reduces their fear of academic failure, as well as creates a more relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. I usually give them feedback via email to further reduce Teacher Talking Time in the classroom.

Why teacher talking time might be a good thing

We have to look at what purpose it serves. Also, teacher intervention to raise the intellectual challenge of a seminar, for instance, is a learning oriented decision — ergo, good talk. Thus, some Teacher Talking Time is indispensable in the deconstruction stage of the learning cycle in order to ultimately achieve independent construction from part of the students.

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Teacher Talking Time has multiple functions and forms in education. At some points in the EAP course it works best if you reduce it to nearing zero giving students the maximum autonomy in the learning process. Hearn, G.

How to increase your students' talking time

McWilliam, E. Innovations in Education and Teaching. Vol 45 3 pp Quality teacher talk, on the other hand, can be very powerful as you say. It can serve as a context for conscious recycling of previously learned language, a context for new language input, as a demonstration of a task that we want students to do themselves, and, of course, as good old listening practice.

9 strategies for reducing Teacher Talking Time – Teacher2Teachers

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