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Register your solution by pressing the button on the shield nearby. Gentle hint: You've seen the solution in this area, but far from here, and in code. Moderate hint: Think military time. One is in the library, one the upstairs hallway, one the bathroom, and one the combination-locked door room.

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Take disc. Gentle hint: You've seen the solution in this area, but far from here. Moderate hint: The solution is a major theme in this area. Solution: Dioskouri. The third area is far more challenging than the previous areas, in large part because you are frequently uncertain which puzzles you have enough information to solve. That said, as a gentle hint for the entire area, this is the order in which you MUST solve the puzzles you encounter in order to be in a position to know how to solve them: 1 Floor switches. Press the button after each.

Go there. Gentle hint: The If you're following this guide closely, you have all the info you need already.

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Solution: 10, 3, 6, push the button. Take code sheet. Moderate hint: Three dots below the line would indicate setting the third lever to the down position, and so on. Above the line corresponds to up.. Solution: 2,1,3,1,3,1. Take printout. Gentle hint: You have everything you need in your inventory. Moderate hint: Combine the code sheet with the printout.

Solution: , , Stop and examine the astronomy books in the bust hallway on your way. Gentle hint: The key hint is nearby. Moderate hint: Combine the book on the windowsill with the astronomy books downstairs.

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Solution: Set the projection and the backdrop sliders to "Draco. Solve oscilloscope puzzle. Gentle hint: You don't need to look far. You're getting results when things start breaking. Moderate hint: Look at the whiteboard behind you.

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Frequency to above min, amplitude four below max. Frequency five above min, amplitude four above min. Gentle hint: The journal spells it out for you. Moderate hint: Recreate the "three stages" of the journal. Take key from within close up. Gentle hint: Just try to guess what you're hoping to get out of this, then resolve the last puzzle with that goal in mind. Moderate hint: You want to end up with a yellow orb.

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Solution: Outer planets; "Orbit," Wide, Activate. All planets; "Orbit;" Wide; Activate. No planets, "Dot," Thin, Activate. Solution: Looks like two staircases pressed onto each other. Gentle hint: You saw the code just recently. On floor behind box.

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On floor behind painting. On top of book shelf. Behind toy stands. On wall next to shield. On wall next to lamp. On rafter near spider web. Moderate hint: It was on the list. No need to try any that are impossible to enter Solution: The only code that can even be entered into that dial set is the correct answer: WJ4. Solution: The Set the wheel. Solution: VI. Solve the oscilloscope puzzle. Gentle hint: You saw the solution just recently.

Solution: Amplitude four from max, frequency one from min.

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Gentle hint: You saw the solution hint just recently, paired to the hint you just used. Moderate hint: Remember the thermometer puzzle? Solution: IV. Solution: Man reaching for the stars constellation. Set wheel appropriately.

A Strange Desire - Sunny Days At Salem lp

Solution: III. Solve busts puzzle. Gentle hint: You saw the hint for this in the secret panel room. Solution: Hermes. Examine ship's wheel. All three indicators should now be lit blue. Gentle hint: Take them one at a time. Solution: 18, 03, Solution: --Solve second telescope puzzle. Gentle hint: Recall the note on the shelf next to the door in the locked room downstairs.

Solution: 22, 07, If you have not yet collected all six blue orbs, you must go back and do so now. Solutions for the required puzzles were covered in this guide as they became available. This section assumes that you already have all six blue orbs, allowing you to continue. The archway will open.

Decipher what it says. Solve the left puzzle. Gentle hint: You'll need both notes with these symbols from this area. Moderate hint: Try to think of a way that the first equation makes sense before worrying about the rest. Strong hint: Think different base systems. Extreme hint: This puzzle uses base 4. Gentle hint: Recall the scrap on the floor. Moderate hint: This one is a lot easier if you write out all the dial options on a piece of paper and go from there. Solution: 3, 3 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 1, 1.

Gentle hint: Recall You saw the solution recently. Solution: Clementine. Intro section: 3 Drawer in table near the generator. First area: 2 On table next to delivery manifest in room above generator. Second area: 2 Bowl in first room. I haven't gone back to confirm that yet, but it's quite possible. See the painting in the master bathroom.

Set the clock to and press the button in the shield. Open the passageway using the icon on the desktop of the bedroom computer.