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Translation: Jose Becerril. Jose Becerril. Recorder or Flute. Fagottino C. Bassoon 1.

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Robert Schumann. Text Language. Sheet music. Estudiantina No. El estudiante. Vocal Scores. Chueca, Federico. Translation: The student. Estudiantina , Op. Arrangements and Transcriptions. Waldteufel, Emile. Sheet music PDF Complete score. Sheet music Original: Un pastor y un estudiante. String ensemble. Sacred , Villancico. Particellas manuscritas. Translation: Sacred, Carol. Handwritten particellas.

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Biblioteca Nac. Suite Hungara, el estudiante. Tlazo Jose, Becerril. Recorder, Bassoon. El Estudiante.

Estudiantina Op.191 (piano) | Émile Waldteufel

Martinez, Jose. The Prince complimented him on his waltz Manolo and agreed to help launch his music in London.

Waltz Kings: Waldteufel - Estudiantina Waltz Op.191 (1883) (Piano)

So later did the German firm of Litolff, in whose editions the works sometimes appeared under slightly different German names. In addition, to suit Germanic custom, in Litolff retrospectively began an opus numbering system. This began at to make arbitrary allowance for early works, and for various reasons many works were numbered out of chronological Sequence, thereby providing a source of much confusion ever Since.

He continued to compose, but in a style that was already outdated. He died in Paris on 12 February at the age of Waldteufel was recognised as a good-natured person, with a ready sense of humour-characteristics that are readily perceivable in his music.

Unlike Strauss, he conducted with a baton rather than a violin bow, and he composed at the piano, his works being orchestrated later. The standard Waldteufel orchestration was for strings, double woodwind, two cornets, four horns, three trombones and ophicleide or tuba , plus timpani and percussion.

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Unfortunately Paris newspapers did not report the titles of dances played at Society balls. In the following notes, the original French titles are given, together with English translations and the titles under which the works were published in Germany. In years before increasing urbanisation and industrialisation created any thought of global warming, ponds and rivers iced over far more commonly than today. Ice-skating was a popular pastime, and the Cercle des Patineurs in the Bois de Boulogne was a popular Parisian meeting place.

The winter of —80 was especially severe, and on 10 December Paris experienced a temperature of The Seine froze over completely, and omnibuses and carriages had to operate on runners. It was against this background that, some two years later, Emile Waldteufel composed his most famous waltz, Les Patineurs. Of them all it is the one with the most obvious programmatic content.

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The introduction, anticipating the main theme, offers a sense of the sharpness and glitter of a wintry scene, with the flute and answering violin glissandi helping to give the impression of skaters trying out the ice. The main theme in turn presents a readily recognisable picture of skaters gliding around, after which they build up their confidence and try some daring leaps and falls. Then a sleigh, complete with sleigh-bells, arrives to complete the wintry scene.

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The town of Chantilly, 40 kilometres north of Paris, is famous for its castle, its racecourse and stables, its lace, and its whipped cream. The venture ultimately bankrupted the Duke, but meanwhile in July it was announced that the castle was completely restored, and that the Duke was going to sell his Paris mansion and live permanently at Chantilly.